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Donald Pierce has assembled a group of mutant-hating baddies known as The Reavers. With his dangerous crew, Pierce has devised new strategies to terrorize mutants...and he's putting those methods in practice. Meanwhile, Longshot is having some strange dreams that lead him on a spirit journey.

1st Jim Lee penciling X-Men.

Donald Pierce and the Reavers, prepare their attack on the X-Men.

In Australia, Longshot must search for his identity.

Nanny and the Orphan Maker arrive at the X-Men camp and capture Psylocke, Havok and Dazzler. The captured X-Men are placed in armor that allows Nanny to control them. The three X-Men are then forced to battle Storm and Colossus. Havok is then freed during battle and fires a plasma discharge at Nanny's fleeing aircraft, which crashes to the ground exploding and killing Storm.

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