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This is the first appearance of the infamous Mr. Sinister. The issue begins with Mr. Sinister berating his Marauders. The Marauders had failed to assassinate Madelyne Pryor. Sabretooth (a Marauder) refuses to be treated inferior, and then proceeds to attack Mr. Sinister. Mr. Sinister fends off Sabretooth, and then assigns his Marauders to go to San Francisco to finish off Pryor in the hospital. Meanwhile, Dazzler practices her skills in the Danger Room on a hologram of Rogue. The two then have a huge falling out, and begin to despise each even more. Later, The X-Men arrive in San Francisco, at Mercy Hospital. Then, the inevitable battle takes place destroying much of the hospital. Rogue is instructed to take Madelyn Pryor away to safety. However, Rogue is then attacked by Polaris, the former X-Man. Polaris then uses her powers to throw Rogue into the Bay. Pryor then swims to safety, with the help of Dazzler. Rogue then instructs Dazzler to leave her behind to die, but Dazzler refuses. Dazzler then risks her life to save Rogue's life. This is symbolic because it shows that their grudges had been lifted. Finally, Polaris arrives to make sure she kills them both this time. The story then continues in the next issue.

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