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Having been left out of the loop for some time, Alex Summers finds out that he has a lot to catching up to do, especially when it comes to the Hellfire Club and the Morlocks!

Havok is having nightmares about the X-Men every night, so he decides to travel to New York to see if something’s wrong. The Mansion is empty, but he finds Magneto’s diary which leads him to the Hellfire Club. There Havok talks to Magneto and Emma Frost, the White Queen. Magneto tells him that the X-Men have formed an alliance with the Hellfire Club, but Havok doesn’t trust him and leaves.

He then secretly follows Magneto down into the Morlock tunnels where he spies on a meeting between the X-Men. In this meeting Storm suggests to the team that their enemies must think that the X-Men are dead to stop the attacks on their loved ones.

Whilst spying, Havok realises that Rogue is coming up behind him, so he attacks her and then runs away. After a small fight with Dazzler, Havok stops running and they all talk.

Psylocke suggests that they kill Havok since he knows too much about their plans, but Storm refuses. The X-Men instead tell him about the Marauders, and about Malice, and he is then accepted into the team.

Meanwhile in New Mexico, Lorna Dane, Polaris, is targeted by the deadly group of assassins, the Marauders. She fights Sabretooth, Arclight and Scalphunter, and gains the upper hand on them.

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.It is then revealed that Polaris is now under the control of Malice.

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