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In Spirals  " Body Shop "  Lady Yuriko has become, Lady Deathstrike. in Manhattan, Katie Power is on her way home when she hears a yell. Turns out, the yell came from wolverine who is being pursued by Lady Deathstrike. The two join up and Katie seeing " Mr. Logan " in a dazed state decides to help him. Wolverine comes too and fights Lady Deathstrike,he wins. 

*Spoilers and details*

Yuriko Oyama has just completed being transformed by Spiral into a cyborg. Her mind is in shambles as she is reborn. She tests out her new cyborg body and asks Spiral if she can still reveres the process made to herself and the other reavers. Spiral doesn’t answer exactly and the team don’t realize she has given them no definitive answer. Spiral thinks to herself how one can think that their souls will remain untouched when they broker a deal with the devil.

Katie power hides her powers as she departs from a store. She runs into Wolverine who is being chased down by the reavers and lady deathstrike. She assists logan in fleeing from them as she remembers him despite him not remembering her. When the reavers start killing wolvie has no choice but to save her and continue to flee. Once he has his strength back he takes down each reaver one by one and faces off with lady death strike. The battle is long and arduous but in the end Wolvie goes slightly feral and takes her down. Wolvie finally realizes who she is and laments that she has become just like him but of her own volition. She begs him to kill her but he refuses. He retrieves Katie and carries her home.

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