dmstarz's The Uncanny X-Men #204 - What Happened to Nightcrawler? review

dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no231

There are perhaps two very significant sides to Nightcrawler, neither of which probably get enough attention. Firstly, his devout Christian faith and secondly, how enamoured he is with old style Hollywood adventure. Fairly recently, his love of buccaneering came to the fore in Uncanny X-Men whilst, way back in the above issue, artists June Brigman and Terry Austion created this cute action cover that is both romantic and nostalgic. Alas the story wasn't much cop but that doesn't belittle a busy cover that actually retains its charm.

I have ranked this cover no 231 as part of a long term project I am producing on my own blog 'marvel-ous' on re: my favourite marvel comic book covers. Please visit and check out the other covers that have made my top 250.


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