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Kitty needs the Fantastic Four to save Colossus' life! And while out on a date, Kurt and Amanda are ambushed by the Brotherhood!

Seeing Colossus, frozen in nitrogen, Kitty Pryde contacts Professor X, informing him that the Brotherhood is attacking the X-Men. He sends Storm and Wolverine to help but refrains from telling Rogue, not wishing to test her loyalty against Mystique. While the X-Men and Amanda Sefton fight the Brotherhood (sans Mystique) Kitty recalls that Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four recently gave an interview about a device that might help Colossus. As the FF are not at home, she decides to sneak into their headquarters and borrow the device. In the meantime, the Morlocks Callisto, Sunder and Masque have found a dead homeless girl and Masque makes her body look like Kitty’s. At the Baxter Building, Kitty has gotten the device and plans to leave over the roof in order to not be caught by any security systems. However, on the roof, she is startled by something and falls. At Xavier’s, the Professor is made almost helpless by an odd scanning wave. Rogue offers to bring him some tea, however when she returns he notices a strangeness about her and realizes too late it is Mystique. She stuns him and intends to finish the job when the real Rogue returns. The two have an intense talk and Rogue makes her understand that she is with the X-Men of her own free will, as they at least offer her the chance of learning to control her powers: Mystique makes a deal with the X-Men who have won the battle. Her team against Xavier’s life. Destiny gives them a cryptic warning about Kitty and Blob mocks that they managed to kill Colossus at least.

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