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Scott and Madelyne's honeymoon takes a turn when their plane goes down in the Pacific. Meanwhile, Wolverine uncovers a plot that sees Mariko undermining her clan's honor.

On their way to their honeymoon, Scott and Madelyne crash in the mid-Pacific, victims of a rising storm. While trying their best to fix their plane, they almost become the victims of a very predatory squid. Having escaped the seafood with attitude and the storm both, Scott decides he wants a normal life with Madelyne and will not join his father and the Starjammers. Wolverine confronts Mariko who has sent the clan’s honor sword back to him. Now free of Mastermind’s control, she still refuses Logan, for both she – while under Mastermind’s control – and her father have bound Clan Yashida to the Japanese underworld. She now considers it her duty to free the clan from that influence first before being able to marry him. Heavy-hearted, Wolverine accepts her decision. In the meantime in Washington, Henry Gyrich and several other government officials are meeting to discuss the growing danger of mutants. In the Morlock tunnels, Callisto, Sunder and Masque learn how Kitty Pryde betrayed Caliban and promise they’ll force her to make good on her promise to him.

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