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The moment the X-Men arrive in Japan for Wolverine's wedding, a fight breaks out between Yukio and the Silver Samurai! The X-Men set out to see what the fuss is all about.

The X-Men have been invited to Mariko Yashida’s home in preparation for her wedding to Wolverine. He happily welcomes his teammates but is shocked and angered to learn that Rogue is now an X-Man. They are being spied upon by the Silver Samurai who, in turn, is attacked by Yukio, a newly found friend of Wolverine’s. Hearing the commotion, the X-Men hurry to help. The Samurai escapes and the X-Men discuss what the reason for this attack was – probably Clan Yashida’s ties to the underworld, which Mariko’s late father, Shingen, forged, Wolverine assumes. The X-Men are unaware that the household has been infiltrated by the Samurai’s partner, Viper, who manages to poison all the X-Men, save for Storm. Mariko, in the meantime, has received a message from the Samurai and secretly leaves to meet him, unaware that her chauffeur is Yukio. The two women trade places and Yukio goes to meet the Samurai (Mariko’s half-brother, who demands leadership of the clan), Viper and Nabatone, a Japanese crimelord. Yukio’s cover is quickly blown and a fight breaks out. As Viper runs to the limousine to kill Mariko, she is expected by Storm, whom Yukio called. Storm tries to stop the Samurai but finds her powers going out of control, almost killing her until Yukio propels them both into the water. The two injured women flee, while the Samurai threatens them. Back at the hospital, Wolverine plans to take out the Samurai and Rogue, who was less affected, thanks to her half-alien metabolism, and insists on accompanying him. Meanwhile, in Alaska, Cyclops rifles through Madelyne Pryor’s files, trying to find out what her connection to Phoenix is. His brother, Alex, asks him to stop doing this to himself - all those similarities are just coincidence, but still Scott doubts.

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