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As Kitty Pryde tries to make her way back onto the X-Men's roster, Wolverine prepares to do just the opposite. Meanwhile, the Summers men head off on a family-only trip and run into someone unexpected...

Kitty Pryde is angry that Professor X has moved her to the New Mutants and Illyana is trying to talk to her down. Wolverine is getting ready to take a sabbatical in Japan with Mariko. Professor X is trying to convince his brain that his now perfectly healthy legs can walk with the help of Lilandra in Danger Room. Storm senses that something had changed in her powers when she was in space. Kitty tries to convince Professor X to let her back on the X-Men. Cyclops catches up with Lee Forrester. Nightcrawler surprises Amanda Sefton.

Colossus asks Kitty for a walk but she denied saying she has too much homework to do. Then she detects an anomaly in the tunnels below the mansion and goes to investigate. She discovers a dragon; Lockheed, and a nest of Sidrian Hunters. Kitty and Lockheed (and a late-arriving Colossus) defeat the Sidrian, and Professor X reinstates Kitty to the X-Men on a trial basis. In Alaska Scott, Havok, and their father Christopher Summers go to meet Scott's grandparents, and run into Madelyne Pryor, who looks just like Jean Grey!

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