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As their ship is falling apart, Storm begins to transform into a Brood. It's terror in space as the X-Men try to return home.

The X-Men, of course, don't get sucked out from Lilandra's spaceship. Storm starts to transform into a Brood's Queen, but is able to hold off the transformation long enough to destroy the ship she left in. The X-Men agree to go back to the Broodworld and kill the Queen (which, for Cyclops, is a major step). Fearing the death, Kitty and Peter talk about doing "it," but Peter won't because he's too honorable for that sort of thing. Storm returns in the form of a hologram. An Acanti star-whale arrives and swallows the yacht. Back on Earth, Charles receives a letter from Reed Richards about Xian Coy Manh (Karma). Even though he is majorly depressed about the "loss" of the X-Men, Moira convinces him to admit her into the school (this thread is picked up in the New Mutants series).

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