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Kitty's parents have her removed from Xavier's school. But they end up enrolling her in an academy run by Emma Frost, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club.

After receiving a sharp and formal letter from the Pryde's, a sorrowful Charles Xavier informs Kitty Pryde and the rest of the X-Men that the Pryde's are withdrawing their daughter from the school. They react with a mixture of anger, sadness, and confusion. Instead, she will be sent to The Massachusetts Academy, the headmistress of which is Emma Frost, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, a sworn enemy of the X-Men, especially Kitty Pryde. In a conversation with Storm, Kitty expresses her fear of Frost and her anger at her parents, feeling that these events are related to their pending divorce. Storm, who lost her parents at a young age, sympathizes with Kitty’s confused feelings of betrayal. Knowing she will miss Kitty, Storm decides to drive her to her new school, which Kitty dislikes immediately. While waiting in a lounge at the Academy, Storm is ambushed by the White Queen, who uses a special gun in association with her powerful telepathic powers to switch their bodies. Soon after departing the Academy, “Storm” contacts Sebastian Shaw and tells him to initiate “phase 2” of their plan once she reaches Xavier’s school. Once she arrives there, she finds that Shaw has gone ahead with the second phase early, as Sentinels under Shaw's wealthy and manipulative control are attacking the school. With her help and using Storm's power with brutal precision, the remaining X-Men are taken prisoner. Elsewhere, the real Storm, in Emma Frost’s body, escapes her captors, unwittingly utilizes the sinister telepath's abilities and finds Kitty. Her young friend doesn't recognize her, of course, thinking her to be an enemy. Attempting to stop Kitty from phasing through the floor and escaping, Storm accidentally zaps Kitty with a abnormally high-level psi-bolt knocking her through the floor and as Kitty lies unmoving, Storm panics and weeps hysterically, fearing she has committed murder, the very act that she had sworn never to commit. But not any murder. The murder of her close friend and daughter-figure, Kitty.

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