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When the X-Men arrive at Magneto's abandoned Antarctic base, they find it's not so abandoned. Garokk is there to ward off intruders, especially the X-Men.

Professor Xavier is very suspicious at Magneto's long absence and searches for him using all resources at hand including his telepathic powers and technology. Kitty makes herself a flamboyant and individualized costume and intends to show it to Xavier but accidentally short-circuits his computers when she phases into his office. She gets yelled at and the other X-Men try to cheer her up. Later on, wanting a more hands-on-approach, Xavier sends the team to check out Magneto‘s old volcanic Antarctica base for any clues and Kitty stows away in the Blackbird. Once there and after searching a bit, they run into Garokk, who had apparently survived the fall, the same one Storm could not save him from. Seething with vengeance and hatred, he attacks the X-Men and quickly defeats the team. He attempts to throw the unconscious Ororo into a similar shaft as his coup de grace. Luckily, Kitty comes up with an idea for Wolverine to throw her. She phases through Garrok, inflicting pain on him and causing him and Ororo to fall. Later, Kitty is able to rescue Storm since her fall was stopped by a ledge. On the mysterious island in the Bermuda Triangle, Magneto provided Scott and Lee with clothes and says that he knows who they are so Cyclops could remove his blind fold, as his mutant powers won’t work anyway.

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