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The X-Men are coerced into rescuing Arcade from the maniacal grip of the tyrant Dr. Doom!

Ororo and Stevie Hunter's trip to the ballet is interrupted by Miss Locke, who explains she needs the X-Men to rescue Arcade from Doctor Doom. She has captured the Greys (Jean's parents), Moira MacTaggert (Banshee's girlfriend), Candy Southern (Angel's girlfriend), Amanda Sefton (Nightcrawler's girlfriend) and Illyana Rasputin (Colossus's sister) to ensure their cooperation, and takes Stevie to complete the set. Storm informs Professor X, who summons Ex-X-Men Havok, Polaris, Iceman and Banshee to the mansion, as they need help to rescue their loved ones. While the four newcomers prepare to rescue the hostages from Murderworld, the rest go to Doom's castle. Storm's attempt to distract Doom while the others rescue Arcade fails, and Storm finds herself transformed to chrome, while the other X-Men are easily defeated. Meanwhile, Scott and Lee Forrester find themselves stranded on a deserted island after a freak storm; Scott is without his ruby quartz glasses.

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