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This is the first actual issue of Uncanny X-Men. Issues 1-141 is officially X-Men - 1st series.

In the present, the X-Men face the reformed Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to save the life of Senator Robert Kelly. The villains attack and seem to have the upper hand, in the beginning, as the X-Men are now being led by the still untried Storm. Xavier and Moira are hurried away by a policeman, who is actually Mystique in disguise and who takes them hostage. Kate, the future Kitty in the body of her younger self, decides to stick close to Senator Kelly, just in case. Wolverine almost gets fried by Pyro’s creature but is saved by Storm. Suddenly, he finds himself faced by two Nightcrawlers. He decides to use his claws to find out which one’s the real deal but Storm forbids him from using his claws in non-lethal situations. Slowly, the heroes manage to beat their foes and the second Nightcrawler is revealed as Mystique, astonishing the true Nightcrawler with their physical similarity and the fact that she knows his true name. Mystique escapes and the X-Men realize that both Sprite and Destiny are unaccounted for. Destiny intends to kill Senator Kelly with a crossbow but Sprite manages to throw off her aim at the last moment before she gets exchanged with Kitty again. Storm asks Kelly to reevaluate his stance on mutants before she takes Sprite away. Later, the X-Men wonder if they’ve managed to change that future Kate came from. With the exception of Kate and Rachel, the future X-Men have been killed by Sentinels. One month after the battle, the president, based on Kelly’s recommendation, begins Project Wideawake, led by Henry Gyrich, a program that includes the possible use of Sentinels to deal with the mutant menace.

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