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Doctor Bruce Robert Banner is final trailed for his actions as the Hulk. "Matt Murdock", as Bruce's lawyer defends him as hard as possible, but eventually the jury's decision was made. Bruce Banner was later tricked into thinking that he won the trial at the Triskelion by Nick Fury, but was incapacitated by drugged wine. Banner is later left for dead on a Helicarrier that was set to blow miles away from any major cities. Just before the bomb hits though, the Hulk is awakened. Not long after Captain America gives a speech at Bruce's empty funeral as the Ultimates and S.H.I.E.L.D. are surprised to find that they were the only people in Banner's life. After surviving the explosion, Bruce finally contacts his friend Hank Pym and tells him thanks as he walks off down a crowded street in a foreign country.

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Trial Of The Hulk 0

  The trial of the Hulk. In this issue the people and the President are crying for Bruce Banners blood over the Hulks rampage through New York. Even though they know it is a sham trial, and no matter the verdict, it will lead to an execution. In my reviews of the first mini series i complained about how little we saw of the Ultimates in action, I think I will end up eating my words on this one.  We have only been through three issues and so far this series completely trumps the last series.    I...

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Best Way To Handle the "Hulk Incident" 0

In the first Ultimates series, the Hulk Incident was a huge deal. It was one of the stories that I personally did not think would receive a conclusion. How do you conclude a story that has the Hulk rip apart Manhattan, killing hundreds of people? How do you conclude it in a way that truly concludes it without being unrealistic for the universe it's set in?Well, The Trial of Hulk pulls it off fantastically. If you're looking to write a comic that involves a Superhero being hated by the society th...

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