Marvel's The Twelve finally returns!!!

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 Chris has been sporting this nice t-shirt for far too long!
A few minutes ago this very morning, I was talking to Chris Weston, here's what he had to say :

I'm working on the final chapter right now. JMS has finished all the scripts. Let's just pray I don't get run over by a bus or something before I get the chance to finish them. That would be... unfortunate. :)

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I can only hope that's true. I really missed The Twelve. Okay there was Spearhead one-shot, but it's not the same.
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It's supposed to be out in February of 2012.
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I really loved the gothic Black Widow, would love to see the ending of that story.

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@KillerZ: you would love to see the ending of the story even more after reading issues 9 and 10. Especially the shocking revealation about

Dynamic Man.

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