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Waiting For More

If you're familiar with "The Twelve" series, it had been put on a bit of a hiatus due to whatever differences Strackynski and Joe Quesada had. Now it looks like an effort is being made to get it going again I presume and the challenge here is for any new reader to get involved in a series that has been "on hold" for awhile.

Sadly a lot of time has indeed elapsed since the last issue so it may be a hard sell for the remaining issues for anyone to get into. If you are a new reader it would be best to indeed try and get the preceding issues to get up to speed on the story. That being said I enjoyed this quite a bit. I mean a lot. Yet there were some minor things which prevented this issue from earning a higher rating.

Having been placed in cryogenic suspended animation, these 12 heroes from the days of World War II find themselves resurrected in the future, having lost many people from their past due to the passing of time. That gets portrayed here with one of the characters.

The great part of this particular issue was the immediate "flow" of the story and the art. The artwork is fantastic on most levels but and this is yet another minor point on my part, Mastermind Excello's face is always portrayed like he's constantly constipated. That is not a good thing. It was a bit exaggerated, I know he has some precognitive and mind reading abilities but I don't think that would cause him to have such an expression unless of course he secretly is a villain. Which brings up the point, who is the villain?

Electro seems to be having some sort of malfunction and Blue Blade is the first person to notice there may be something wrong with the mechanical man. The Phantom Reporter gets involved in the story but honestly I fail to see why he is, it seems way way out of place for this character on all levels, especially having him wear his garish costume while he investigates some incidents ( I don't want to spoil anything here ).

Dynamic Man makes his appearance again as do the other characters but all that really happens is a bunch of them sitting around or standing around talking. Enough. Give me more action to make the story more entertaining. The story is still very good, don't get me wrong but I just wanted a bit more action. That aside I would recommend not only getting this issue but the preceding ones if you can. This take on some of Marvel's "forgotten" Golden Age characters is a nice departure from all the crossover and major event arcs. Worth the effort to do it.


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