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Anatomically Correct?

This issue features the Phantom Reporter's investigation into the apparent murder of the Blue Blade, one of the members of The Twelve. What results are some rather revealing things both figuratively and literally, as he manages to "expose" a certain member of The Twelve.

Not all has been as it seemed, and while some bits of the story are a bit telegraphed it is still well worth reading because this is the issue which sets in motion some action and drama you know was heading the way for the team.

If you've followed any of the previous issues, then know this is the key one of the series, and needless to say I am anxiously waiting the next ones to see what will transpire next.

The art, the plot, the build up, the dialogue, everything here is top notch and worth every penny spent on this comic. The injustice is that readers had to wait so long for the rest of this series to appear again due to creative differences but at least it is here.

A definite must buy if you've been into this series, I can't recommend it enough, I enjoyed all of it. Well done on all levels!


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