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It's the new Shazam versus a god as Freddy Freeman's trials have him going toe-to-toe with Apollo!

Freddy Freeman, trying to become the next acolyte of the power of Shazam, is forced to fight Apollo, one of his would-be godly benefactors. When Freddy points out that civilians might get hurt, Apollo agrees, so he ties Freddy to a wire connected to an arrow that he then fires away. This causes Freddy to be pulled along with the arrow to a nearby, less crowded harbor. Freddy argues with Apollo as they fight, trying to make him realize what's at stake if the latter neglects to assume the fallen Atlas's duties. Apollo in turn maintains that his life as a mortal is more fulfilling than anything he could experience as a god, and that he's saving lives as a doctor. Apollo insists that living as Atlas, constantly and subtly preventing disasters throughout the world, is not a life at all, but only servitude. He also argues that his pursuit of a mortal existence is no different than Freddy's seeking of the powers of Shazam, as both believe achieving their goals would give their own lives meaning.

When Apollo causes Freddy to accidentally set fire to a boat, the god saves the present civilians with a fire-negating arrow. Apollo then accepts his fate, and assumes Atlas's helm. However, Apollo requests that Zareb create a 'shadow essence' to take his place in his mortal family, so they won't know he's gone. Freddy, channeling the wisdom of Solomon, regrets to explain that once Apollo accepted his godhood, his children ceased to exist. Apollo keeps his promise, and grants Freddy some of his power, but still intends to return to his mortal life in the future. Until Freddy has found a replacement, Apollo would only grant him half of the power, the rest of the power going to someone else.

Sabina, the other competitor for the power of Shazam, finds herself slightly more powerful than before, now being able to fully transform into her superpowered state.

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