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Magic hits the Middle East as the trials continue for young Freddy Freeman... and Sabina sabotages him at every turn!

Freddy Freeman (formerly Captain Marvel, Jr.) and Zareb Babak go to Qurac to find the second godly benefactor of Shazam, Achilles. As Achilles has assumed the identity of Lieutenant Alvarez, Freddy and Zareb have likewise disguised themselves as soldiers in order to meet with him. Being preoccupied with a mission, Achilles is reluctant to grant Freddy the trial he requests, but lets himself be convinced, as a number of other soldiers meant to be present have been killed.

While Freddy and Achilles expect a monster referred to as a 'Hate Empath' to appear (and thus channel the hatred from the area into power), Sabina has her underlings assault the two of them while she goes to summon the Empath. When the Empath manifests as a colossal, armed demon, Freddy and Achilles are outnumbered by an army of Sabina's minions.







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