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Having lost his power to turn into Captain Marvel Jr., Freddy Freeman must re-earn his magical ability by facing the Trials of Shazam, with his "guide" Zareb.

He first faces a large tentacle monster and is able to defeat him with the use a magic wand. Instead of simply using the magic of the wand against a seemingly indestructible monster, he decides to use the point of the wand to stab the monster, and then use the magic from the inside, exploding the creature.

Having defeated the monster, Zareb suggests he try saying "Shazam" to see what powers he still has. He discovers that he no longer needs to walk with his cane with the slight power he has regained.\

At the Council of Merlin, we discover that the council is attempting to destroy Freddy while he is in his vulnerable state. If they succeed, they will have access to the Marvel powers. More specifically, the powers would be bestowed on a woman named Sabina, who would serve the council.

In order to gain magical protection to pass through many of the magical realms, Zareb brings Freddy to a magical tattoo artist named Rachel Zallman. Enduring excruciating pain, that would normally kill a person, Freddy is successfully tattooed on his soul.

During his session with Rachel Zallman, he explains that even though Captain Marvel is the reason he is crippled and also part of the reason he lost his father, that he still owes Captain Marvel his effort to get back the magic has been lost. Captain Marvel did take away much of him, but also gave to him great powers.

After the session, Zareb reveals that Zallman is yiddush for Solomon and that Freddy has just been given the "Wisdom of Solomon."







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