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The Story: 

Freddy Freeman continues his trials to prove his worth that he can handle being the new Captain Marvel. His quest continues to increase in difficulty as he races to find the remaining Gods before Sabina does.  

My Thoughts:

The conclusion of this twelve issue series wraps up pretty well via Judd Winick. The story progresses at a good pace mixing in a lot of emotional dialogue that came off natural while at the same time presenting some pretty cool fight scenes. 

This is probably some of Winick's best character writing. Winick really made you care for Freeman while reading this. You could feel the sense of urgency and desperation in his dialogue. The bravery and sacrifice Freeman showed was heartfelt and astounding. His transformation into Captain Marvel was one of the best coming of age stories I've seen in comics. 

The art is by Howard Porter and Mauro Casciolo. Both artists are extremely talented and bring their A-game to this series. Porter handled the first two issues with Casciolo finishing out the rest. It's hard to say which artist is better as I loved both of their work so much. The coloring style in this series has been absolutely phenomenal, as you can see from the cover.

This was a very entertaining and thrilling series. If you're a fan of Captain Marvel then this is something you'll definitely want to check out. It's great for newer readers who want to get into the character as well. Freddy Freeman will prove to be a great Captain Marvel in my opinion and I'm anxious to see what type of role he'll play in the DC Universe.  

Rating: 5/5

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