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The trials continue with Freddy losing ground in his quest for the ultimate abilities and power of the now equally powered Sabina! To find Mercury he may need the help of Shadowpact and the Justice League!

Freddy Freeman, Marvel and Zareb Babak look to the Shadowpact for help in finding the next godly benefactor of Shazam, Mercury, though Freddy is afraid that the Shadowpact will 'play too fair' to have any advantage over Sabina and the Council of Merlin.

At the same time, Sabina and the Council of Merlin have an internal dispute, to which Sabina responds by killing one of the complainers. Sabina is then approached by a councilman who informs her that like Apollo, Mercury has been living as a mortal, with a family. She uses this knowledge to kidnap Mercury's two children, and, during a broadcast on multiple channels over the world, threatens to throw the kids from a skyscraper's rooftop. Mercury responds to this by telling her that she can have anything she asks for if she releases his children, but she is unwilling to release them until she has received Mercury's power. Mercury attempts to simply retrieve his kids at super speed, but Sabina traps him and steals his power with the same dagger she used on Atlas before.

When Freddy and Marvel appear on the scene, they find Mercury weakened, though still alive. It is explained that Freddy is now equal in power to Sabina, and that while the final godly benefactor, Zeus, will never willingly give her his power, she intends to compel him to do so through a spell that requires the death of one million people. Freddy thus asks the Justice League for help.

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