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Freddy Freeman (formerly known as Captain Marvel, Jr.) and Zareb Babak investigate the trail of blood Sabina had left behind her when she searched for the next godly benefactor of the power of Shazam, Mercury. Following up several leads, Freddy and Zareb figure out, with Zatanna's help, that Tawky Tawny knows where Mercury is.

Sabina, already having reached Tawky Tawny, attempts to interrogate him, with little success. When the latter refuses to inform her of Mercury's whereabouts, she engages him into battle - whereupon he transforms into a sabre-toothed tiger, and manages to hold his own against her for a while. Sabina gains the upper hand when she uses Viking armor against him. However, Mercury decides that Sabina has killed enough people to get to him, so he breaks up the fight. When Freddy and Zareb appear on the scene, Tawky Tawny tells them that they're late, but more than welcome to 'catch up' with Mercury, who had used super speed to escape.







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