A Petition to Reboot Transformers?

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  What could have come next?

I only ever kept up with Generation One myself, but the few experiences I’ve had with the greater matrices of TRANSFORMERS continuity have left me pretty startled by their complexity. Between all the shows, movies and revamps thereof over the years, the bots have enough timelines with enough intricacy to rival DC’s Multiverse.

I bring that all up because Comic Vine was just recently notified of an online petition that’s apparently amassed a thousand signatures already. Simply and straightforwardly titled Restart Original TRANSFORMERS Continuity from #81 with Simon Furman the aim of this is to get a new volume going that executes the original plans for what could've followed the epic conclusion to the right. It'd likely be in the same fashion that G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO picked up Larry Hama’s  post issue #155 plans.

Considering how well received Hama's run was and how Furman continues to be involved with the robots in disguise, I could very easily picture this idea transforming into a reality. If it did go through, it’d be part of an interesting trend we’ve seen in comics lately that more-or-less started with X-MEN FOREVER. I suppose we’re at a point in the development of internet fandom where even unrealized and unpublished material can take on a life of its own. Anyway, if you agree with the pretty clear aims of this petition, head on over to its site and put your "writ of identity on it."

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Yeah.. I for one would applaud it. they are certainly one of the more convoluted stories from my memory.

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I'm down for that.. especially after such dire movies.

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I want to see the Dinobots!


"Me, Grimlock no like you..."

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Reboot Transformers...Bayformer style!, but with original love appeal to it.... but with more dark violence!
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They should reboot the movies while they are at it.

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not a big transformers fan so I have no thought on this

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If they're going to reboot the Transformers movie, it should be titled:



The New Transformers: Transforming the Former Transformers

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that would be great..

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Yepp, this would be sweet alright. It would be also nice to see Transformers: Revelations the way it was originally intended, not crammed into four spotlight issues. Recent Transformers story arcs by Shane McCarthy and Mike Costa were rather disappointing, save for the fascinating Last Stand of The Wreckers by Nick Roche and James Roberts.

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My love for Transformers has waned.

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Just need to stop those crappy transformers films ,so brutal to watch slaughtering my childhood ?_? .

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I loved the movies, I just view it as completely different from the cartoons I loved as a child, I try to compartmentalize the two.  I also enjoy the Transformers Prime that has been on TV lately, pretty cool series, my son loves it, so I started watching it and it is pretty good.

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The IDW Transformers book has been great from the get go....I've never read the Generation One comics but maybe I should

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yeah that would be an idea

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Yes, Yes, Yes!
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I love how the tagline on the top of the pictured issue says "#80 in a Four Issue Limited Series."

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At least the movies were a separate continuity. You should see what they're doing in Japan! I'd tell you what the series is, but I don't want to ruin your childhood.
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Haven't enjoyed much of the transformers over the last fifteen years or so except for Beast Wars and the First Transformers movie (but I think that was because of the iconic Prime voice saying _ Autobots, Roll Out.)

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After browsing the Transformers wiki on a whim one day, I can honestly say that with the gazillions of cartoons that there have been on BOTH sides of the Pacific, the Transformers multiverse is more complex then the DC multiverse.   The Marvel multiverse is hard to compare to either since there's soooooooooo many cannon-fodder dimensions that are destroyed in order to make villains-of-the-day look threatening (Hydra Susan Storm, Emperor Hyperion, the Ghost Box empire from X-Men, Cancerverse, etc).

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Sure I suppose

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They should let the original  core Transformers rest. We've seen way too many reboots of Optimus Prime and crew. How about a reboot using characters from the Headmasters / Powermasters / Pretenders era.
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I like how you you put that it would be kinda like Larry Hama's rebooted GI Joe: ARAH series in IDW, which is one of the non-Big Two titles I get monthly and for which I'm most impressed with.  I'm all for a reboot of this for certain.

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they should just leave it alone it's bad enough we have retards like Michael Bay already ruining it the comics were fine as they are besides Dreamwave and IDW have already rebooted the G1 series
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I have no problem with the current IDW Transformers main run, to me it does not follow much the movies but follows more of Generation 1 before generation 2. except megatron has a more bad ass body and its black. its like transformers crosses tron.

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I don't want them to reboot the current series by IDW. It's good as it is. It'd be fine if they make a completely separate volume being written by Simon Furman but I don't want the current series to just be stopped.

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A reboot is a good idea.

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Can we also bring back G1 Optimus and have him beat Unicron single handed?

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Actuall Furman and Andrew Wildman, revealed recently they had plans to do exactly this (continue the original g1 series starting at 81). It was OKed by IDW, Marvel OKed it, but sadly the whole recession happened and stalled the project. Furman and Wildman still hope to do it, maybe when things pick up.
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Transformers - Reboots in Disguiiiise~

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  I remember getting the last issue as a kid and wishing it would have continued but at least it had a conclusion. I do wonder though how it would have all ended if it was given those final 20 issues.

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New Transformers for the win! I miss them...sometimes there are reruns on TV, but I would like a new one.

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@Chane said:
"Didn't marvel's Generation 2 -  http://www.comicvine.com/transformers-generation-2/49-5058/ - pick up the story where this finished? "

G2 is set a while after the end of the G1 series, of course the text story Another Time and Place did continue the G1 story, but even that wasn't exactly what Furman was planning.
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IDW's is the best

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@Dedlok said:
" I love how the tagline on the top of the pictured issue says "#80 in a Four Issue Limited Series." "
I think it's because it's part 4 of a storyline but it was the 80th issue in the volume.
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I signed the petition.

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I'll sign it.

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@Doctor!!!!!:  man, did you read the old 80's comic? Unicron killed the f**k out of ALOT of characters in some pretty brutal ways. I think it's dark enough.
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Nope.... I read X-men and Spider-man comics..... but Transformers were brutal.......but cartoony goodness brutal!
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I'm all for a reboot back to Transformers DOS. For those of you too young, ask your parents what DOS was. The Gen one books sorely lacked decent artwork but vastly improved toward the end when they began the Primus/Unicron plot. I did enjoy the DW series and was disappointed when they put the blitz on a couple of the story lines without wrapping them up. The new stuff? I don't even recognize who the characters are. I mean really, show the robot mode and ask someone who knew the Gen one characters to identify them. Oh? That 'plane' is Megatron? Really? Never would have figured that out.


Jordanstine - you go! Bring back the meanest, baddest and over all best Transformer - GRIMLOCK !

IDW did so much to fill him out as a character.

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I'd rather acontinuation than a reboot G1 has been rebooted twice once by Dreamwave and once by IDW it doesn't need to happen a third time also I want to see the Dreamwave comics be continued on mostly the Energon series
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it has been rebooted: in 80.5 FCBD, sub-titled regenerations

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