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During the Great War on Cybertron, one of the Autobots’ fallen heroes was Optimus Prime's best friend—IRONHIDE. What does that have to do with the fate of the planet today? Find out in this all-new miniseries by TRANSFORMERS writer Mike Costa and the phenomenal Casey Coller. You didn't really think his death was just some stunt with no ramifications, did you?

The story begins 4 million years ago on Cybertron. The Autobots are battling the Decepticons. In the battle, Optimus heads off to flank the Decepticons to keep them from delivering a shipment of energon. On the way, he is ambushed by Soundwave and Rumble but Ironhide comes to his aid. Optimus then ambushes the Decepticons with the energon shipment and with Ironhide's help, he manages to apprehend them by threatening to blow up the shipment even if it destroys 4 city blocks. Later, the Autobots are celebrating their victory and Optimus is praised for bringing the 5 Decepticons in without any fighting and he says it's because he has good Autobots with him. Prowl asks Optimus if he's going to give them a speech and he declines saying that it's a night for the Autobots to relax and let off some steam. Kup insists Prime talk to them, but Prime says he's a soldier and isn't that good with words - especially since he'd had too many at Maccadam's. Ironhide agrees with Optimus saying that there's no reason to mess with a party when they already know how good Optimus is at taking down Decepticons. Kup still insists he does saying that he's a Prime and he has to start seeing things past the tactical. Prime says he does see them and he also believes that the war is going to last a very long time because what they're fighting is a philosophy - an idea and so it can't be beaten. Ironhide asks if he means they can't win and Prime responds by saying that an idea can't be defeated but it can be changed but he doesn't know what it takes to do that yet and until he or someone else figures out how to they're just going to have to keep winning battles. As they go back to the party, Ironhide says that Prime is the finest soldier he's ever seen and he loves him but doesn't understand him. Kup sympathizes with Ironhide. As Ironhide joins back in the party, he notices a certain Autobot and asks Silverstreak if he's seen him before. Silverstreak replies saying he has but doesn't remember his name. Ironhide has a bad feeling about him but Silverstreak, like most other Autobots, is drunk out of his mind and isn't really concerned. Ironhide however, realizes that he's looking at Prime's back and sees he's about to grab his gun and then the mysterious bot yells, "Death to Autobots!" and fires at Prime, but Ironhide manages to get in the way and takes the blast for him. Then in the modern day, Ironhide then wakes up in shock and finds himself in a dark room and starts thanking the Autobots for patching him up but doesn't find anyone else there with him. As he continues to search, he realizes that he's on Cybertron alone...

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What Happened to Ironhide 0

The issue begins with an event that transpired 4 million years ago on Cybertron. The Autobots were trying to stop a team of Decepticons from delivering a shipment of energon which would have meant that part of Cybertron would belong to the Decepticons. In the middle of the battle, Optimus seemingly goes on his own to stop the shipment but is ambushed by Soundwave and Rumble. Luckily, Ironhide comes to his aid and with his help he manages to arrest the 5 Decepticons delivering the shipment. They ...

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