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Optimus Prime and Spike Witwicky have a chat that could define the future of Autobot and human relations! But lest you think it's all talky-talk, back at Rodimus' camp something big happens, something very big. A game-changing event in IDW's Transformers, with a Don Figueroa double-page spread that has to be seen to be believed!

It starts off with Spike Witwicky keeping an eye on Optimus Prime, who had willingly let himself be taken prisoner by the humans. Spike admits to Optimus that he does not trust him, but Optimus completely understands because after all his race had done when they came to Earth, it would be hard for anyone from Earth to trust his kind. Spike then asks if the reason he turned himself in is because he feels guilty, but Optimus responds saying that it's because he had once been a soldier who had understood how to win battles, which is why he became a leader and although he thought he knew what it meant for a leader to lead, it took him thousands of years for him to actually learn it. And the whole time, all he was really doing was leading everyone more into the war, and now it seems that they have become enemies with the humans. After all the battle stress that had been on him for so long, he realized he was no longer effective as a leader because his actions had led them to become enemies with the humans and he didn't want that. He knew that they needed to change, so he willingly turned himself in for what his leadership had brought to the Earth. He then applauds Spike for his leadership saying that the humans have the ability to learn in such a short time what it took him ages to understand. He then tells him that he has been the one to learn from the humans rather than they learning from him and he chooses to remain his prisoner because he will never doubt the humans' capacity for wisdom. Spike asks him then what he thinks his men will do without him to which Optimus replies that he hopes that they will transform. Meanwhile, Ultra Magnus returns and reports that Rodimus and his group of deserters have created a ship to leave the planet and have been colluding with Decepticons. He then says that he needs a unit to return and arrest him. Bumblebee asks how he knows that he's really working with the Decepticons, and Magnus says that he saw it with his own optics and is certain taht Rodimus has joined the enemy. He orders Blurr to come with him, but Bumblebee says that he's just suffered severe trauma and can't just go back out into the field again, but Magnus says that this is a charge of treason, so a legal matter supercedes Bumblebee's own authority as commander of the team. In the meantime, Spike Witwicky takes a break to think about a lot of things while waiting for his next meeting with the general. During this time, he drives around in a car, unaware that it is really the Stunticon Breakdown. He talks to it wondering if it is a robot too, when all of a sudden, two other stunticons attack him, planning on killing him without any concern for Breakdown because they plan on simply repairing him afterwards. Spike fights back with a gun, and manages to outrun them for a short time until Motormaster appears in front of the road and Spike is forced to jump out of Breakdown and into a nearby river, where he then calls Skywatch to pick him up. Rodimus in the meantime is talking with Prowl wondering what the Decepticons are doing with Breakdown. They think that he's just being repaired, though it gets suspicious how they're taking so long to do so when they are almost done with the space ship. But then, Ultra Magnus arrives and says that Rodimus and his gang are all under arrest. Rodimus protests saying that what he's doing isn't treason and that they don't have sides anymore and he's just working towards a common goal for peace. He asks Bumblebee if he's really okay with rounding them all up and if he learned anything from Col. Horiuchi, and Bumblebee says that he was okay with him leaving and that he tried working with the humans, but he doesn't understand why Rodimus is with a bunch of Decepticons. Magnus however says that Bumblebee has no authority in the situation and whatever he has to say doesn't matter. Swindle then comes up and says he'll take it from there. Rodimus tries to tell him that he has it under control, but Swindle insists on taking over. Swindle then tells Magnus that there is no "us" anymore and that they're taking the ship and they're going to kill as many of Magnus' team as they can before they leave. Magnus taunts him saying that they have Swindle outnumbered, but then Swindle reveals a surprise as the Stunticons all merge together into Menasor. Swindle then orders Menasor to kill Magnus first....

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