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RODIMUS might be impulsive, but he’s not stupid. The last anyone saw of him, he was rocketing off Earth in disgrace and a stolen ship. In this issue we finally see where he went, what his plan was, and which long-absent DECEPTICONS he came up against. Mike Costa and fan-favorite artist Nick Roche deliver a stand-alone issue that sets up the entire second year of the hit ongoing series.

Continuing off from the events of Transformers issue 6 and 7, Rodimus stole Ultra Magnus' ship to escape from Earth and was assumed a coward by the other Autobots. While Rodimus is piloting the ship, he's thinking to himself about how he's planning on making a single-handed headlong attack on the Decepticons' base. Meanwhile, the Decepticons at the base find his craft coming towards their base and so they shoot it down. Before the ship is struck, Rodimus hides inside of the armory which is made of an osmium alloy nothing short of Omega Supreme could penetrate. The ship is blown to pieces which then crash into the Decepticon base. Bombshell alerts Starscream of the incident and how the debris from the ship crashed into their defense perimeter and disabled it. Starscream just sits their thinking Bombshell should handle it. Bombshell looks at Starscream and thinks that the matrix is doing something to him and attempts to take it from him but Starscream knocks his hand away and tells him to leave. Meanwhile, Rodimus survived in the armory and as he comes out, he takes the weapons with him. The Decepticons are scouting around the wreckage hoping to find something and they find the armory empty with its door missing when they are attacked by Rodimus. Bombshell throws one of his probes at Rodimus but he was using the door of the armory as a vest so he is protected from it and then he takes Bombshell down. At that point, Rodimus is attacked by Razorclaw and Rodimus shoves Bombshell's probe into his mouth and tells him to get off and finds, to his surprise, that he does. He realizes he's being mind-controlled and uses it to his advantage by having him go and surprise attack Starscream. Though Starscream easily takes Razorclaw down, Rodimus then appears and tells Starscream to drop the Matrix or he'll shoot it. Starscream things he wouldn't do such a thing, but Rodimus tells him he doesn't know him very well as he shoots the Matrix causing it to electrify Starscream and knock him out. Rodimus was surprised it actually worked and then takes the Matrix. He manages to avoid contact with other Decepticons and feels confident in himself that destiny is putting everything into place and that he'll be able to change everything when he returns with the Matrix. All he feels he needs now is a way to get off of the base and return but as he's thinking that destiny cannot be stopped, he turns around to find a newly awakened Megatron with new armor. He puts the Matrix in front of his face and tells Megatron to stay back but Megatron blasts him with his fusion cannon and sends him flying off of the asteroid and out into space. Soundwave arrives and asks Megatron if everything is alright and Megatron says that it is and that now that Starscream has lost the Matrix, he wants all Decepticons to assemble in the main room so he can address his followers. He then says that there is now nothing that can stop them and Rodimus' heavily damaged body is seen floating out in space offline.

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