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To the future

The Time Traveller is an Englishmen who invents a device made to transport himself forward or backwards into time know simply as the Time Machine. He is very reputable and affluent even publishing seventeen papers on physical optics.

The 1960s' movie's Time Machine

After inventing his Time Machine he invites several witnesses to tell about his account to witch none admit to believing him. He even creates a miniature test model to show the but the men believe it to be a trick. After his friends leave the Time Traveler takes it upon himself to test the life size machine and so he takes the machine into the future on his mission. He takes his machine faster and faster into the future before he stops at year 802,701. There he meets the native people he calls the Eloi who are very human looking but more frail and shorter.

The people are like children with seeming no education. There needs for food and shelter are all around and they seemingly live in a paradise while all around them is destruction and ruin from the past civilizations. He is not there long before his time machine is stolen by an unknown party.

Another Concept

Furious he blames the people but later believe they had nothing to do with it. He becomes very protective of one of these people named Weena who he tries to take care of. As it turns out there is another race of people on the planet known as the Morlock. He discovers that the Morlock provide for the Eloi only to use them as cattle to fed their people. The dim Eloi are unaware of this symbiosis but are still terrified of the Morlocks who live underground and seeing one usually means death.

Terrified The Time Traveller believes that the Morlocks are the ones responsible for taking his time machine. He then goes on a mission to save himself and Weena from the Morlocks and get his Time Machine back. He raids a museum he finds of all useful equipment and sets for his time machine but is stuck in a wood in complete darkness when the Morlocks come. The Time Traveller tries to fend them off with fire but there is too many of them and Weena is knocked unconscious and perhaps killed. The Time Traveler never finds out because his matches creates a huge fire and he presumes the girl died along with the Morlocks in the fire.

The Time Traveller, 1960s movie version

The Time Traveler soon defeats the beat and gets him machine going determined to take it into the future to see the end of the world. He goes more than thirty million years into the future before he stop again. This time seeing giant crabs. Than almost kill him. He then sees there is nothing left and goes back into time a few days from where he had left off. He tells his friends his tale all of whom enjoy the story but none believe. That is almost no one. One man a long time friend visits him to talk about his adventure again only to see the Time Traveller packing to go on the Time Machine again. He tells his friend he will see him later but he never comes back.


The Time Traveller was created by none other than H. G. Wells in the novel the Time Machine. This is the only book that is canon for the character although several authors wrote sequels to it but they do not flow in a series. The novel popularized the belief in Time Travel and brought into existence the phrase Time Machine. He also introduces Time Travel as being a fourth dimension.

Major Story Arcs

In the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Universe The Time Traveler is also able to travel to other dimensions. He meets John Carter, Allan Quatermain and Randolph Carter. In another dimension the four try to fight an almost undescribable evil.

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