The Tick

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I would absolutely love to see a live-action (or even animated) movie of The Tick.  
I still get laughs out of that show ever time I see it, even the live-action show was pretty good.  
Am I alone here? Or are there fellow Tick fans on the Vine?

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I'd be happy if the animated series would come back on tv..

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@Precise: It's on Disney XD in the middle of the night some times. I'm lucky enough to have the DVDs 
.@jloneblackheart:  Thanks.
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@King Quisling: Not in my country though =(
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@King Quisling: I laugh watching the theme, the cartoon is amazing.
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I remember the live-action TV series.  Do you?  No?  There's a reason.  While Patrick Warburton was a sweet Tick, the formula of the show does not lend itself to live-action well.  It's an animated thing, and it should always stay that way. 
Also, you should check out my battle cry sometime on my profile.  =  D

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That live action show was awesome.

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@Precise:  Ouch. Suxors dude.  
 Incredible theme song!
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Let it be known that The Tick shows are HILARIOUS!!  You certainly are not alone, fellow Tickster.  If a Tick movie is not made within the next 30 seconds, I will personally cry out SPOON! and show villainy the wrong of its incredibly villanious ways!  Ready... GO! 

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