Favorite The Tick character

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The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight! ... I like my Anti-Government characters comically crazy! 
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Chainsaw Vigilante

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Big Shot

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And so far the new series is awesome!

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@eganthevile1 said:

The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight! ... I like my Anti-Government characters comically crazy! 

YES! i always quote that crazy dude!
i was gonna go for  batmanuel and Tick himself, but TEMBWB@M is fantastic!
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@MrMiracle77 said:
" Big Shot "
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Sewer Urchin! :) 

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@King Quisling said:
"Sewer Urchin! :)  "

he's one snazzy guy
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir: "Yeah, Definitely." :P  He's so neurotic and dorky & his voice was so kooky. 
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Chairface Chippendale!
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Well, Tick is my favorite, but Arthur is really good too.  Sometimes, I'll just look at him and laugh. (I'm talking original Tick series here.)  He's so fat!  It's hilarious!  One of the best Arthur jokes, is when he and Tick are having dinner; suddenly, Tick hops out a window to go to the store.  He gets sidetracked and ends up fighting Chairface Chippendale.  Later in the issue Tick says something along the line of "I forgot about Arthur's dinner!"  Cut to a panel of Arthur sitting quietly and reading a book!  Hilarious!  Oh, The Guy Who Looks Just Like Peter Lorre, is a good one too, and in the same issue.

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The Evil Midnight Bomber Which Bombs At Midnight is my favorite because he's name is just so awesome. Its like his name and job description all rolled into one, its pure great.

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probably..... THE TICK!...... lol
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 Multiple Santa
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@Graft:i actually started a tumblr ask blog for chainsaw vigilante. i plan on having cameos from a lot of the other characters as well, provided i get enough questions.

if you want, you can go to this link and ask a question. an illustrated answer will be provided!


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2012 Tick pleeeaaasssssee.

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sewer urchin ^^

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Buttery Pat.


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