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A robber flees from the police as the Tick and Arthur walk home from finishing some Christmas shopping. The robber changes into a Santa suit and continues his attempt to escape from the cops. He runs headlong into the Tick. The Tick is thrilled to see Santa and allows the robber to escape. Seeing the police, the Tick seeks to intervene on "Santa's" behalf. The robber eventually slips and slides off a roof and into an electric sign; after being zapped, the robber plummets to the ground.

The Tick and Arthur host a Christmas party, but the Tick is mortified at the thought of frying Santa. The guests at the party - fellow superheroes - try to break the news to the Tick that Santa is not real. The Tick is appalled that superheroes could think such.

Nobody has checked on the robber and he dusts himself off. Five clones appear and the robber notes that the clones do as he says. This Santa army invades an electronic store and takes a large amount of goods. The army runs away and finds the Tick's party group out caroling. The Santa's attack and the Tick finds himself torn between protecting the City and protecting Santa. The Tick finds that he is unable to hit a Santa. The robber - now going by the name Multiple Santa - is hit into an electric box and more clones pop out. The clones beat on the superheroes and then raid the City even further.

Defeated, the Tick and Arthur head back to their apartment. Arthur continues to try to help the Tick realize that Santa isn't real. Inside their apartment, however, a group of secret service elves meet the duo. Santa Claus appears and applauds the Tick's continued belief and tells him to stop the rogue Santa's. He also hands out gifts like candy. Arthur is thrilled that Santa is real and pulls out a pop-gun he received as a boy. The elves see the gun as a threat and break it. Santa apologizes and replaces the gun with a pencil box set.

The Tick and Arthur head out to stop the Multiple Santa. Santa Claus tips them off that Multiple Santa has gone to the dam to use the electric current to further multiply the Santa Army. The duo heads towards the dam and sees that they are too late; Multiple Santa has already broken into the dam and received a jolt that creates a deluge of Santas. The Tick has to literally swim through the Santa's to get to Multiple Santa. A fight ensues and the Tick is confronted with, once again, having to rationalize hitting Santa. He gives a clone a noogie instead and realizes the static electricity erases the clone. The Tick begins noogie-ing the clones and starts a wave of static electricity that wipes the rest out. Multiple Santa is arrested and the Tick, as well as the rest of the City, is free to enjoy Christmas again.

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