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The Tick and Arthur corner two criminals: Venus and Milo. Venus nearly brings the Tick under a love spell but Arthur snaps him out of it. The bad guys run into a bathroom but their escape is thwarted by a janitor, who is mistaken for a fake crime fighter called Plunger Man.

While the Tick and Arthur work on new crime fighting techniques, Venus hatches a plan to earn her a coveted Enemy Award. She devises a way to ensnare the Tick in a love spell so that he can do her crime-spree bidding. Fortunately for her, the Tick lands in her car. He nearly succumbs to her love spell before Arthur saves him again. Milo pulls out a machine and zaps the men's arms off. Milo collects the arms and the two villains drive away, leaving the Tick and Arthur unsure of what to do.

Milo makes two robots that very poorly resemble the Tick and Arthur and leads them on a crime spree. The City buys the story and consider the heroes as outlaws. Arthur notices a trend in the crimes, however, and figures that Venus is making a killer outfit, most likely for the Enemy Awards. They head out to find the location of the award show. They are able to convince the patrons of the Evil Eye Cafe to tell them where it is.

The Tick and Arthur crash the party but their evil robot counterparts begin to pummel them. The Tick is able to convince his arms that he's been good to them and they in turn beat up their host robot. Fortunately, Plunger Man (the janitor so happens to be back to fix a toilet) is there to reattach the Tick's arms. The Tick apprehends the bad guys and clears he and Arthur's names.






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