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The Tick lands a job as a crossword editor and adopts a not so secret identity. Will he succeed at his job or will he become a major nuisance to his co-workers? Who is THE CAPED WONDER? Why is Clark's car now shaped like a giant ashtray is it because he's a heavy smoker? 31 pages of wacky superhero hijinks that will make you weaker from laughter that being exposed to a whole room filled with OTTERCREEKITE*! *Read the book and find out what that meant.


While Clark Oppenheimer - the Caped Wonder - walks into his day job at the Weekly World Planet, the Tick enters a shop and boosts a costume that he is sure will conceal his true identity as a superhero. Wanting to return Clark's hat, the Tick discovers the Weekly World Planet and is unwittingly hired as the new crossword puzzle guy. Billy the photographer sees right through the Tick's disguise but, due to threatened violence, shows the Tick his desk anyway - right next to Clark Oppenheimer. Clark is livid at seeing the Tick again but can't reckon with him at the moment; they have a meeting with the editor-in-chief.

After the meeting, Clark leaves his desk and the Tick gets curious as to what Clark keeps in his desk. He opens a locked drawer and a crystal glows while showing the floating head of Clark's father, Ban-Al. The Tick hears Clark returning and he discards the crystal, which grows into a Fortress of Fortitude. Clark drags the Tick to the roof and explains that he is the City's lone protector. This does not please the Tick, who pulls out a green eraser to trick Clark into thinking he is being exposed to Ottercreekite. The Tick leaves Clark angry on the roof and heads back downstairs where he is promptly fired for making a terrible, terrible crossword puzzle.

Despite being fired, the Tick wants to cheer up Clark. He heads to the parking garage and turns Clark's car into an ash tray. Clark does not appreciate the gesture and he begins pounding on the Tick. The Tick breaks Clark's glasses - just in time, too, as Billy shows up and Clark has to pretend his hands are his glasses so as to fool Billy. It works. The Tick, incredibly groggy from the fight, wanders out a side door.







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