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In space, a test monkey is accidentally hurled into some cosmic rays. The effects cause him to become a genius monkey. He hijacks the ship and launches himself back to earth. The U.S. government, at the suggestion of American Maid, hires the Tick and Arthur to get Yank the monkey before Pineapple Pokopo, a dictator of an island nation close to Yank's landing spot.

The Tick, Arthur, and American Maid fly out to Pokopanesia as tourists, where the dictator has already enslaved Yank. Fortunately, Pineapple Pokopo has no idea that the clearly costumed superheroes are anything more than tourists and he asks American Maid to dinner to do some market research to up the tourism on his island. Meanwhile, Yank is to build a machine to take over Hawaii, but seems to be getting dumber as he goes.

American Maid is found out and is about to be fed to Sharks when the Tick shows up to save the day. Yank informs the group that he's really built an escape pod and they all leave Pokopanesia. The U.S., unaware of Yank's reversion, makes him director of the space program.






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