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The Tick awakens one morning with a terrible cold. Arthur gets some mail for the neighbor and delivers it. Unfortunately, it was all a ruse. The neighbor is an alien, Thrakkorzorg, and intends to conquer the Earth with a cloned army of the Tick. He first clones Arthur and sends the evil clone to get a tissue sample from the Tick. He fails miserably as the Tick sleeps, as the Tick is nigh invulnerable.

The real Arthur is able to free himself and tries to stop the evil clone from getting the tissue sample. He is thwarted, however, by the Tick. The evil clone gets the sample and the two heroes are too late in stopping Thrakkorzorg from cloning the Tick. Sadly, the sample came from the Tick's snot, so the clone is mucus-based. They take the fight to the roof and the Tick has a terrible time eliminating his clone.

Arthur, meanwhile, grabs a tool from Thrakkorzorg's apartment, one that should send the alien back to his own dimension. After giving Tick the high sign, he switches in the machine. The machine opens a portal that begins sucking Thrakkorzorg into it. The Tick snorts his mucus clone and sneezes him into Thrakkorzorg and they both careen into the new dimension. This clears out the Tick's cold. Sadly, Arthur is now sick.






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