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The plants in the City are inexplicably coming to life. The Tick and Arthur witness a plane crop dusting trees, which results in the trees moving. The Tick leaps aboard the plane and gets a look at El Seed, a diabolical plant bent on subjecting animals to his plant minions. El Seed spills his plant elixir on the Tick and the Tick falls to the ground. The elixir causes the trees to come alive, as well as making the Tick extremely loopy. The Civic-Minded Five arrive just in time to save the people in the park before things get out of hand, especially now that the Tick is acting odd (and growing things from his body).

The Tick visits the hospital and learns that he probably only has twelve hours until he becomes a full vegetable. Figuring that El Seed has the antidote, the Tick and Arthur look for clues as to a hideout. The find it but get waylaid by El Seed dusting a corn field with his elixir. Fortunately, the Tick can grow corn form his body so he and Arthur are able to march with the crop to El Seed's base. They muscle the antidote from El Seed, restore the Tick, and then restore the corn army. The Civic-Minded Five take El Seed into custody.

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Beyond Silly 0

This episode unleashed one of the most insane superhero teams ever: The Civic-Minded Five. These five similarly worthless heroes travel around in a sedan to find ways they can help. Their battle cry: "Let's make a difference!" What!?! Who comes up with this comedic gold? This clearly pokes fun of the hero mindset, especially shining a light on those that want to be a hero so bad that they almost force themselves to use powers. (Here's looking at you, Carpet Man, and every power suited hero out t...

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