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The Tick and Arthur get an invitation to the Evil Eye Cafe where Mr. Mental will be performing mind tricks. He calls the Tick to the stage and hypnotizes him. He feigns releasing his hold on his mind and the Tick and Arthur go home. Mr. Mental reveals his plan to his assistant: the Tick is going to help Mr. Mental break into a facility that will guarantee that Mr. Mental's mind is the greatest in the world.

That night, Mr. Mental reenters the Tick's mind and tells him to get to the laboratory. He does so and Arthur catches on that the Tick's mind is not his own. He gathers Die Fladermaus, the Crusading Chameleon, and the Sewer Urchin to help snap Tick out of his task. They fail, but Mr. Mental's power begins to wain. He finds the Tick's worst nightmare and unleashes it - a day job in an office. With his mind weakened, the Tick goes back under Mr. Mental's control.

The Tick delivers the Thinking Cap and Mr. Mental dons it and does become mighty with his mind. Arthur notices, however, that it runs on an internal combustion engine. He gets the heroes to attack Mr. Mental and the Tick pulls the choke lever, thereby flooding Mr. Mental's mind. The Thinking Cap explodes and the City rests peacefully after another successful caper.






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