got some question here (spoiler)

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i never know there's a death in every universe. i always thought she was multiversal.  anyway, thanos betray the guardians, kind of see it coming. but why would he tell mar-vell he wanna die when he can revive the death in cancerverse because then 616 death would let him die again             

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Death and Eternity exist in all universes, except where something has overtaken them or they have been killed. 
Only the Living Tribunal is multiversal. And the OAA. 
I don't understand your other question at all. But, I think Thanos has a plan. Surely he knows that if he allows Mar-Vell to kill him, then Death will die as well. I don't believe Thanos would allow that. 

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Just because of all the circumstances I believe Thanos, among many others, will die in this. I starting to think even Nova will die but I could be wrong.
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he already kick mar-vell ass. he could definitely go with the plan and revive the death and problem solved. instead he betrayed the guardians. i just  don't understand the intention

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