dark_noldor's The Thanos Imperative #5 review

Give me a quick death

It´s the brink of destruction for our universe as a group of heroes, teamed up with several galactic entities and aliens (Shiar, Badoon, Kree) just can´t hold the breach no longer, since Mar-vell´s army is very big and powerful (they even have a Galactus´head that is causing all kinds of trouble). In the other side - the Cancerverse - Peter Quill and the Guardians, along with Thanos, engage in battle with the Revengers, in a most (un)predictable outcome: the betrayal of Thanos. This book is very sharp and interesting (with pinches of fun and laughter, mostly from Racoon and Starlord), DnA are awesome together and despite some catchy old phrases, the dialogues are good and solid and they use classic tactics to keep us entertained (like splitting the heroes in two teams, killing Thanos, then killing Drax, the aid of the Scarlet Witch). The art is also wonderful, Sepulveda can handle this cosmic scenarios very well (my only complaint is Thanos´ size: sometimes he´s bigger than the page before). The entwine action with dialogues is very balanced, what makes this comic very exciting and quite simple to read (since it´s a cosmic thing, the writers kind of put things easier this time - it´s a simple premise: a universe that´s the opposite of ours, where there´s no death, and it´s mission is to destroy our universe; quite simple huh?). The best moment in this issue is the confrontation between Thanos and Mar-vell and the outcome of this battle: Thanos wants to die (also simple huh?). From the cosmic adventures of the last 4-5 years of Marvel (Annihilation, Annihilation Conquest, except for War of the Kings) this is definetly the best so far.
4 out 5


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