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 Hector Santiago is the Swine.
Hector Santiago better known as the Swine was a corrupt warden at a prison along the border of Rio De Muerte, the "River of Death". He ruled with an iron fist, an individual that abused and tortured his prisoners.  He instilled fear into his staff and prisoners and would not hesitate to have someone killed or tortured if they disobeyed or disrespected the Swine. Hector orders some men to bring back a former prisoner named Felix Garcia who is a waiter at a fancy restaurant in New York City. Felix has some special guests at his restaurant, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. Both of them witness two men pull out guns at the restaurant and start harassing Felix. Steve and Sam interfere and punch out the two gunmen. Later that night, Steve returns home with Sharon Carter and an argument occurs between the two. During the argument, an invader sneaks in with a gas-pistol and fires it at the couple. Two of the invaders are men that work for the Swine. They decide to kidnap Steve Rogers and use him as a substitute for Felix Garcia. Meanwhile back at the prison, some of the guards talk about a woman that could "doom" the warden because she constantly ridicules and disrespects him. That woman is actually the cousin of Hector and goes by the name of Donna Maria. Donna is not afraid of her evil cousin and tells the warden that a real man will come soon and break him like he has broke so many others. 

Meanwhile, Steve Rogers is being held captive on a plane heading towards the prison located deep in Central America. Steve Rogers wakes up and manages to escape. The plane crash landed near the prison in Rio De Muerte. The Swine and some of his guards go after Captain America. Hector's first encounter with Cap is one he would like to forget. Hector tries to shoot Cap with a pistol but ends up getting smashed by Cap's shield and is left hanging on a tree. Hector is humiliated and takes it out on his prisoners. He begins to torture individuals and swears to end his problem in the jungle. He vows to capture Captain America and make an example of him before every man in his prison. Donna Maria teases her cousin and tells the Swine that hopefully this real man, this tiger breaks him and his spirit.

Captain America is roaming the jungle when he is suddenly attacked by this creature called Man Fish. A fight ensues but is broken up by gunfire from the prison guards. The creature flees and Cap is suddenly surrounded by some guards. Cap fights back against the guards but falls into a pit trap when he tries to escape. The Swine and Donna Maria see Cap in the pit. Hector orders one of his guards to hand him a flame thrower. Hector wants Donna to see her dream of a real man breaking him come to an end by killing Captain America. Donna Maria throws a knife at Hector forcing him to drop the flame thrower. Hector grabs Donna Maria and throws her into the same pit with Captain America. Suddenly the creature known as Man Fish appears and starts attacking the prison guards. The creature ends up killing Hector the Swine and his guards. 


The Swine was created by Jack Kirby in 1977 and first appeared in Captain America # 206.

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