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Steven Ward, is the son of Adam Ward, the man who followed Vandal Savages ritualistic clues and eventually caught and incarcerated him.

Savage killed Stevens father when he was a child, and this is the event that Steven blames Savage for, that created this grotesque monster of a man he is today. Steven then becomes a copy-cat killer of Vandal Savage and uses ancient, long dead stars to plot murders of young women, just as Savage had done in ritualistic manner to appease his ancient gods. Although Steven commits the murders to lure Vandal Savage out of prison, so that he can aid in the hunt for this copy-cat killer, but ultimately be the target of Stevens vengeance. The plan works and Steven finally meets his fathers killer in an abandoned building where Kassidy Sage, Vandals daughter, and senator Darrows daughter are held captive. This ultimately leads to a confrontation with The Swan Killer and Vandal Savage in what looks like it is going to be a fight to the death. But it is intervened by Kassidy who shoots and kills Steven Ward before the fight could have been concluded.

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