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In "The Incredible Shrinking Town," Superboy must find out what is causing everyone all around the world, aside from himself, to shrink.

As Jimmy Olsen is bringing home a date, Jimmy finds the Newsboy Legion at his apartment in order to enlist his help in their search for Jim Harper (aka, The Guardian) in "The Quest for the Guardian."

Detective Ed Lacy and Krypto the Superdog run into rush hour traffic as they pursue Lacy's nephew, who is fleeing from a murder charge. Krypto must use his powers to keep up the chase in "The Hunters!"

Linda Danvers (aka Supergirl) hears troubling news about Professor Rudi Clement, an old colleague from her days at school, as Clement's home was destroyed, and according to the news, Clement with it. Meanwhile in London, the Doom Patrol encounter a man in armor and armed with a deadly gun he calls the Gravitronic Ray. How are Rudi Clement and the man the Doom Patrol are facing in London related? That's what Supergirl and the Doom Patrol aim to find out in "A Matter of Gravity."

A baby has been kidnapped! It is up to investigative reporter Lois Lane to find out who has taken this baby, as well as several other babies in "The Most Precious Plunder."

Clark Kent has been invited over to his rich Uncle Kendall's mansion so that Kendall can determine whether to leave all his money to Clark or to Clark's cousin, Jillian Kent. Meanwhile, Kendall seems to be having several suspicious, near-death accidents. Superman must protect his uncle while he tries to find a way to convince Kendall that Jillian should inherit the money in "The Super-Hero Money Can't Buy!"

In the bottled city of Kandor, a scientist has somehow been murdered while on a popular TV show. It is up to Nightwing and Flamebird to determine how the scientist, inventor of the new thought-transfer helmet, was murdered in "The Sealed Room."

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