twofacedjoker's The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #3 review


For a series that prides itself on humor, this issue surprised with it's complete lack of comedy. At least in the previous few issues there had been some humorous moments mixed in with the random and unnecessary vulgarity and the variety of examples of why our main characters are jerks. However, this issue lacked much of an overall impact, and ended out of no where and with little resolve or satisfaction.

Much of the focus this month had been upon the relationship between Boomerang and the original Beetle, as their new and old relationships unfold. And by that, I mean that Boomerang complains about why Beetle is such a mean person and pretends to be forming a legitimate relationship with him. It's very frustrating, as Spenser doesn't seem to want to cover any new ground with what he writes; this feels incredibly similar to what we've already read, what with Boomerang taking advantage of just about every character in the series.

We also get some background on the mission Chameleon has given Boomerang (finally), but is told in the same, obnoxious fashion as he explains everything, and lacks any lasting impact for me. The mission has always been a shoehorned idea for the sake of having a loose plot to form all these events around.

And we get almost no time with the rest of the Sinister Six, who have the potential to be infinitely more interesting than Boomerang at this point. As interested as I was with our blue and white protagonist at the start, Spenser has worked hard to flush all life or interest out of him, making him more of a walking talking stereotype than Shocker or the new Beetle, even Overdrive.

Sadly, I bought the first volume of this series, so I will be back for three more reviews for issues that will likely present ideas of a similar caliber. A shame, really.


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