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Hornblower battles the Sun Twins

The Sun Twins' first appearance is when they try to interrupt the Hornblower's hunt of a Leanhaun Sidhe. He had already tricked her and was about to catch her when they burst out and said she was theirs. They got in an argument over who should get credit for the "kill," and while they did so she escaped. The Sun Twins (parodying the Wonder Twins of the old Super Friends show), yelled, "Sun Twin Corona...Ignite!", knocking their hands together. A halo of light blazed about them, and the Hornblower attacked with his magic kazoo. However Kevin Matchstick interrupted, saying that the heroes had to stop fighting amongst themselves and to start focusing on the bad guys. The Sun Twins didn't care and walked off in a huff.

Later, when all the avatars got together to discuss strategy, the Sun Twins were against Matchstick's theory that the heroes should act in a coordinated fashion. They preferred to act on their own.

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