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The Suit had bonded with it's first host and it looks like Spidey is the Suit's lucky winner!

This is called "The Suit" whose created by Richard Parker and Edward Brock. This is a type of medicine treatment for cancer and gives the human super strength. It also feeds on the cancer and makes your life even better. When Richard and Edward signed the wrong paper for the wrong person named Trask, Richard and Edward could not have it back. Then, them both and their wifes died in an airplane explosion. Tens years later, their sons Peter Parker known as Spider-Man and Eddie Brock discovered the last part of the Venom Suit. When Peter realised about the Suit that was taken by his and Eddie's fathers, Peter went over to the university to open Eddie's locker as Spider-Man. When decieded to test the Suit, It was cold at first and bonded with Spider-Man. When The Black-Suited Spider-Man felt good of the suit, he saw the killer who killed Uncle Ben. When he shouted and grabbed the killer, he turned into a vicious monster and the suit was feeding on Peter....alive. When tried to get rid of it, he fell with the suit and been seperated away in the electric explosion. When Peter came to return and destroy it, Eddie found him with the suit and discovered he is Spider-Man.

When Eddie took the suit away, he tested it himself too. This time, he could not control it and he fed on a janator. The Janator's life had ended from Eddie's feed. Eddie controled the suit at first, but then, he turned into a monster named Venom. When Venom came and fought Peter. When Venom fed on Peter, he got out of Venom's feed and then,Venom got electrified and he vanished in a flash. Three months later it was discovered that Peter had a piece of the Venom Suit in his blood and Venom came back to hunt him for a reason. When Spider-Man got close to Eddie, Who is now Venom, his head starts tohurt and Spidey punched Venom so hard, they both had been defeated, until Silver Sable came and captured them both in Trask Intrustries. When this guy named Adrian Toomes got another sample of the Venom Suit and gave Peter a shot of the Venom Suit that also had some part of the the suit Peter had for three months, Peter as Spider-Man had turned into Carnage. Then, Carnage when on his way to Venom and it was also discovered, Venom and Carnage are brothers. Venom fought Carnage in the Trask Labs.

Venom is Eddie Brock and Spider-Man is Carnage...!? That means they are two "The Suit" Brothers!! Looks like Venom needs to Feed on Carnage and it is the same with Carnage.
Venom had returned to get Spider-Man because Venom wanted to get revenge or for a personal reason.

When Carnage was defeated, Venom fed on Carnage. When Venom fed on Carnage, Eddie gained control over the Venom Suit because of the Carnage Suit. That was Venom was looking for. Spider-Man's head will no longer be hurt by Venom as in matter of fact, Carnage turned back into Spider-Man, while Venom went away and went to get revenge onTrask. When Spider-Man went defeat Venom in the rain, Venom did not feed on Spider-Man because he did not need to feed, unless he has low health. Venom sweared he would get revenge on Trask because he used him for crimes he did not commit and Venom would throw Trask in the Helicopter and whatever Brock does, he will get revenge on Trask. Venom tried, but Spider-Man gets him out of his way. Venom hit Spider-Man back and waited for Spider-Man to come and punch Spidey again.

Spider-Man was ready for Venom's deadliest attacks and he was ready to fight outside of this battle. Spider-Man read the real file of his and Eddie's fathers. Ten years back, Richard and Edward deleted some files and Made the suit. After Peter read it, Venom dissapeared and Spidey went back to a hero. That is just the other part and that was in the video game story. The different part of the saga is the real thing. Instead on Spider-Man turns into Carnage, He gets the Venom suit and Turns into The dreaded Venom as I said. HE had turned into Venom and he needs help. The Ultimates and SHIELD have been sent to get Spider-Man who is now Venom. Spider-Man is going to be ready for a fight no one can fight. As for Eddie Brock, he can still be Venom or, He is no longer Venom because he must have gave Spider- Man the Venom Suit. While that Happened, Venom still vowed revenge over Spider-Man until he got runed up to Carnage. the sega might not never end The thing is this. I don't know what will happen next if something might happen on the events he was fighting on, but Spider-Man, Venom, and all the other people who is involved in this fight, hope this will be a happy ending or a VENOMOUS ENDING. What will come next? I still don't know.The other part of the seaga (The real one)

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