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During the time of the Crusades the Suit of Sorrows was forged and given to Geoffrey de Cantonna, a knight supposedly "Pure of Heart." But Geoffrey de Cantonna was not the pure man he was supposed to be and the suit drove him insane. He slaughtered three hundred people. To hide this shameful secret the massacre was blamed on Moors. After Geoffrey de Cantonna's death, the Suit of Sorrows was retrieved by those who created it: The Order of Purity, a splinter sect of The Order of St. Dumas.



But Ra's al Ghul stole the suit and later gave it to Batman, who wore it feeling the incredible benefits of the armor but also felt an unexplicable rage. Batman tried to destroy the armor but after he found out he couldn't do it, he store it on display in the Batcave.


Azrael wearing the Suit of Sorrows

After the events of Batman R.I.P. and Batman's disappearance, the suit was stolen from the Batcave. It was later displayed that the Order of Purity gave the armor to Michael Lane, the new Azrael, making him its new bearer. Michael is aware of its dangers and the possibility to become insane, but he has chosen freely to still wear the armor.

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