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continued from The Night Man Annual #1

The Strangers, Night Man and Teknight gather together at Twin Peaks to figure out where the last two remaining bombs that Pilgrim planted across San Francisco may be. They get the idea that since Pilgrim hates them so much, they probably planted a bomb in the Strangers headquarters. They rush there, but ElectroCute and Teknight stay behind. ElectroCute figures that since they are in Twin Peaks, Pilgrim probably planted two bombs in the area. ElectroCute apologizes to Teknight for assuming he was a villain and they kiss. They discuss the ramifications of the kiss and the concept of romance between an android and a robot inhabited by a spirit. ElectroCute also hypothesizes that the reason she has become distant with Grenade is because Teknight has been around. Soon, they hear someone snickering. It is revealed to be Rodent, a member of Pilgrim's Gang. They defeat Rodent and find the bomb, dismantling it. They then rush to the Strangers headquarters. Meanwhile, the Strangers find Pilgrim and Byter in their headquarters planting a bomb and they fight. Zara appears, though, and is able to assist in Pilgrim and Byter's escape. They dismantle the final bomb and are pleased with that accomplishment, but are still bewildered about the identity of the Pilgrim. Night Man reveals that he knows who Pilgrim is and that he is actually a member of the Strangers: Atom Bob. Disbelieving at first, Atom Bob finally admits he is Pilgrim. He admits the power he has was too powerful and he was infected with the temptation when he fought Bastinado, a demon king. Pilgrim tries to flee but the Strangers fight him. Yrial uses her magic to fight Pilgrim, her magic created to fight Pilgrim's kind of 'magic' power, the demon magic of Bastinado. They defeat Pilgrim, who reverts back to his Atom Bob persona, and Yrial uses her magic to keep him unconscious until they can find help for him.

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