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The Strangers return from space after the events of Break-Thru and learning the origin of their ultra powers. An official from Aladdin, Mister Leopold, arrives at their landing to interrogate them, but the Strangers will not be questioned by him after they dealt with Aladdin previously. Thankfully, an official of the military arrives and grants them leave. Soon afterwards the Chieftan of Yrial's clan arrives to tell her that she has to go back to their Sky Island, her time with the Strangers is over. Yrial refuses and fights the Chieftan, but she soon sees folly in her ways and goes with him. The Strangers follow Yrial and the Chieftan to Sky Island to free her. The Strangers fight natives of Sky Island while freeing Yrial, but she does not want to see her friends get hurt. Yrial surrenders to the Chieftan and the Strangers leave after Yrial's pleading. While leaving the island, Lady Killer finds a rock with coordinates carved in them that Yrial placed in her pocket. The Strangers decide to go to the coordinates to find where Yrial was secretly leading them.

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