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continued from Prototype #5

The Strangers are on a Russian space station where they are attacked by an alien creature. Prototype, Empire-7 and Supra arrive to stop the Strangers but instead help them fight the alien. When the alien threat is temporarily stopped, Prototype goes on the offensive against the Strangers, demanding that they return the space shuttle back to J.D. Hunt, the rightful owner. Spectral learns that his indigo color give him the ability to survive in outer space, meaning that whatever created the Jumpstart wanted them to journey to the moon. The Strangers tell them that they need to investigate the moon to find the origin of all ultras and Prototype is convinced to join them. They all split up to take care of the alien menace and Empire-7 is killed by one. Thinking of only one way to destroy the aliens, Supra stays behind with a detonator while the Strangers and Prototype leave to the moon. Supra sacrifices herself in the explosion.

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